Pomegranate Panna Cotta

[Note: I got this from a Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Web page.
I've made a stripped-down local copy in case the original goes away.]

Bon Appétit | February 2008




Modifications by Kim

Tip from Kim
The original recipe says to reduce the syrup over high heat. The second time I prepared this dish, I tried to speed things along by boiling it over my maxiumum heat setting. This eventually produced a thick brown carmelized sludge. Not exactly the desired outcome; hence the medium heat recommendation. May take longer, but it'll be edible!

Test Kitchen Tip
Don't waste the orange peel: It makes an attractive garnish. Remove it from the syrup and let it cool, then thinly slice it lengthwise. Toss it with 3 tablespoons sugar in a small bowl; cover and chill.

Nutritional Information
One serving contains the following: